Name: Emmalouise or Emmalou for short.
Nicknames: Crazy Runner Girl, Super Girl, Cookie Lady.
Location: California, USA. Originally from the UK.
Hobbies: Running, Weight Lifting, Cycling, Rowing, Baking.

After loosing 48% of my body weight in a drastic change in lifestyle a few years backĀ Fitness and Nutrition has became a huge part of my life. I have a huge passion for exercise and pushing myself to new limits that I never even thought about before and started this website to share my journey, tips, inspiration and product reviews.
Aside from Fitness I also love to Bake and creating new ”healthy” recipe’s is something I enjoy when I’m not sweating it out somewhere, some of these recipe’s I will post under the ”recipe’s” section of my site and hope others enjoy them as much as I do. I use various other forms of social media (links below) where I like to interact and share images with other other Fitness and Food enthusiasts.





Race Reeves

Mountain House Running Club

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