Wildgrain Subscription Box

Wildgrain Subscription Box.. What is it?

Wildgrain offers high quality Bread and Pasta delivered right to your door. From slow fermented Sourdough to fresh buttery Croissants and Pasta it’s the box for all Carb lovers! If you enjoy freshly baked bread but don’t have this skills or time to bake from scratch this really is the perfect box.

My first box arrived and I am absolutely delighted with the offerings. The Breads are some of the best and highest quality I have tried and the fresh pasta is so easy to prepare. Plus there’s FREE Croissants for life!. Each box will come with your choice of Breads and Pastries or Breads, Pasta and Pastries. It’s entirely your choice and you can manage your delivery very easily via the website.

Upon delivery of my first box I was delighted as how well packaged everything is so there is no fear of anything defrosting in transit. The box is insulated with dry ice (Be sure to wear gloves!) and everything individually wrapped with full cooking instructions on each individual item. On top of that, everything is part baked and then flash frozen so it really is as easy as remove from the freezer and place in a pre heated oven. One thing I always look out for is ingredients and Wildgrain didn’t disappoint. Minimal, Clean and nothing questionable.. as Bread should be.

What was in my first box:

  • 1 Plain Sourdough Loaf.
  • 1 Olive Oil Ciabatta Loaf.
  • 1 Walnut Sourdough Loaf.
  • 1 package of fresh Tonnarelli
  • 1 package pf Fresh Fettuccini
  • 1 package of Lemon Raspberry Biscuits.
  • 1 package of Croissants (FREE)

    What comes in each box?

The Mixed Box:
This has the making of 30 meals all ready in 25 minutes or less.

3 Loaves of Bread or bags of Rolls.
2 Packages of fresh Pasta.
1 package of Pastries.
4 FREE Croissants.

The Bakery Box:

5 Loaves of Bread, bags of Rolls, or Muffins.
1 Package of Pastries.
4 FREE Croissants

How Much does it cost?

Each box is $89 charged on a monthly basis. You will receive an email 4 days before the charge is made. You also have easy management via the website and complete flexibility in regards being able to reschedule, skip or cancel at any time. Although once trying your first box I couldn’t imagine the latter.

You can get $10 off your first box using code 42KCOOKIE and if you go through the following link: Wildgrain

What if my box goes missing or gets stolen?

Every shipment is protected against damage or loss – No extra charge. Should this happen Wildgrain will replace your box.

Is it worth it?

All factors into consideration, Yes. The convenience, quality and flexibility all amount to two thumbs up from me. Especially if you enjoy freshly baked breads but don’t have the hours to make it this is perfect.


Overall I am really impressed with the box. The delivery time was excellent, my Husband and I were able to make multiple delicious meals in under 20 minutes with easy to follow instructions and enjoyed the free Croissants at Breakfast.

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