Thrill Protein Bars

Thrill Bars were kind enough to send me these  to sample and share with those that I train. Having been following them for a while now anxiously waiting for them to become available in stores I have to admit I was pretty excited and they did not disappoint.


Flavor:  Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie.

Protein: 21g
Fat: 9g
Carbs: 24g
Cal: 220


Visible chunks throughout. Very similar aesthetics to a Quest Bar


Just like Apple Pie! Sweet, not too strong. Mild hint of Cinnamon.


The initial bite had me pleasantly surprised. Being that the Thrill Bars Instagram page doesn’t have a huge amount of followers and no other reviews I could find online I really wasn’t sure what to expect but they seem to have nailed it with this bar. Sweet Apples with warm hints of cinnamon and to my delight little pieces of ”pie” crust.


Chewy, soft with a little bit of a bite from the crunchy pie piece.

Sharing these bars with friends they were a hit all round and something I would purchase in the future. Comparing to the Apple Pie Quest Bar which has similar Macros I would choose Thrill first.
The bars are also made with organic Almond Butter, grass fed Whey Protein and contain no artificial flavor. They’re also Gluten Free and Thrill also makes Nut Butter and high protein Pancake mix based out of Las Vegas.

You can purchase these from the website and if you you code ”emma10” you get 10% off.