FitMark Meal Management Bags


I simply love my ever growing collection of Fitmark bags. I’m sure people must think that I have some weird bag fetish as I rave about these bags to anyone that will listen but they’re not just your regular bag made for carrying keys and wallet, oh no. These bags carry food!!

I first discovered Fitmark bags about a year ago and immediately spotted at least 2 that I wanted but really couldn’t justify dropping $100 a piece on a bag but then I realized it’s not just any bag but an investment in my lifestyle and come my Birthday in December my Husband agree’d we would order one for my Birthday. Happy days!!

The first bag I ordered was The Shield LG and also now have The Box LG and The Transporter Backpack which is conveniently both a backpack and a meal management bag as it included The Box SM too!


The Sheild LG – Contains 5 food containers, a vitamin / protein dispenser and 2 cool packs that keep food chilled for up to 8hrs. It has additional side pockets for a water bottle, keys or just more food if you need it.


The Box LG – Contains 4 food containers, water bottle with protein organizer and 2 cool packs.


The Transporter backpack – Has various compartments for use as a Gym bag as well as The Box SM which has 2 meal containers and 2 cool packs.


Honestly, these bags are amazing and go practically everywhere with me. When I’m away from home for more than a couple of hours I like to take food with me (My Husband thinks that’s weird, I call it organized) and as I like to keep my healthy on track I don’t like to rely on restaurants or take and all 3 of these bags are perfect for that. The Shield is my meal management bag I use the most and is huge, I can easily fit a whole days worth of food in it or I recently went on 2 weekend trips for work where I was able to transport 2 Breakfasts and 2 Lunches plus snacks in it.

The containers are all heavy duty and tightly sealed so there’s never any spillages despite my dropping the bag a couple of times. The additional pockets fit utensils perfectly and the cool packs really so a great job, a number of times now I have been away from home for 12hrs and food has stayed fresh, you just need to place them in the freezer the night before. The cool packs come in two sizes – A large for up to 8hrs use and a small for up to 3hrs use.


Did I mention the bags are also really stylish? I’ve gotten envious looks numerous times while out with my bags and they’re easy to carry too due the choice of either using the shoulder strap or the handle on the top.

The Box LG and The Box SM are perfect for transporting smaller amounts of food due to the size of which I love the small one that comes with The Transporter Backpack which goes with me every race day. When you’re Running 13+ miles you need to refuel properly and The Box SM fits my Greek Yogurt and a Protein Shake perfectly and while everybody else is drinking warm Gatorade I still have some crisp chilled Chocolate Milk with me while the backpack carries a clean change of clothes and some wet wipes. It’s an all around winner!!


As far as maintenance goes, the plastic food containers are easy to clean, I wash them by hand as I’m not sure I trust anything in my dishwasher. All they need is some warm soapy water and they’re perfectly fresh again, even when I have accidentally forgotten and had to clean out 5 day old Greek Yogurt. Cleaning the material is easy too, simply use a damp cloth.

If you’re contemplating buying any of the bags from the Fitmark website I say do it! They’re probably one of the best investments in a fit and healthy lifestyle you could make and aside from the meal management bag there is also a large selection of others including Messenger and Duffel along with specialty sport bags for Yoga, Obstacles courses and Running! I currently have a Running Backpack on order for when they go into production and honestly cannot wait!!!

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