When ”Friendships” become creepy

The last 7 or 8 months has had me do some serious thinking about so called ”Friendships” in my life and what sort of impact they are having and sadly, there is one or two that simply are not working. I need to make positive changes in my life and one of these things I cutting loose what I consider to be fake friendships.
When I say fake I mean people that had attached themselves to me and called me a friend but then having their actions say the complete opposite. For example imitation. This is one thing that really pisses me off. Be yourself, dammit! Trying to have everything I have and being everything that I am from trying to Run the same pace as me, going after the same Ambassador positions, eating the same damn foods as me after saying they ”hated it” and stalking my social media and posting identical things just hours later despite not being a follower¬†is creepy as f**k!!! Then self diagnosing the same medical conditions as me.. that’s seriously messed up. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. No, it’s not. Then all the while doing this making sly digs at me and my lifestyle. 1. My lifestyle is MY business and 2. If it’s that bad to make digs then why try imitate it?! Uurgh.

So yeah, I’m trying to make positive changes for a more harmonious life and having such people removed from it are what is going to help. This constant stalking (yes, stalking!) is stressing me out and I don’t need it. My social media became mainly Fitness related with recipe’s and tips for those that need it. I’ve recently thought about making all of my social media private but I just this past couple of weeks discovered that my pages are inspiring others.¬†Yay! This is why I certified in the first place and I shouldn’t have to hide or change this information just because one or two people have no originality or imagination of their own.

A somewhat sad post but I find writing things down helps me get them off my chest and understand them better. So If you’ve recently found yourself removed from my life this should give insight as to why.

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