Living with Under Active Thyroid

Under Active Thyroid = Hypothyroidism.

Having been diagnosed with this a little over 2 years ago I recently noticed just how little many people actually know about it and how seriously it affects those that are diagnosed.
When I was diagnosed it wasn’t something I even considered having and my Doctor only did the blood work for it when 2 other blood drawings failed to provide me with the answers I was looking for, looking up the symptoms after being diagnosed it all became clear and having around 95% of them I was somewhat surprised it wasn’t something that was noticed sooner.

I’ve been prompted to write this post because I do feel more Women need to be aware of it and also partly because of a few people I have encountered lately. People who claim to have ”Under Active Thyroid” without bothering to get checked out. The reason for self diagnosis? Having trouble loosing weight. This is to be quite honest, something that really got my back up as it seems too many people use this as an excuse for weight gain / trouble loosing weight instead of looking at their lifestyle and eating habits. This is just ONE of the many symptoms myself and thousands of other Women (and even some Men) struggle with on a daily basis and is not something to be made light of. Other symptoms include Depression, Fatigue, Hair loss, changes in Menstrual Cycle (or complete loss of mensuration), Impaired Memory and sensitivity to Cold. There are other symptoms and I will add some help full links to the end of my post.

Anyhow, after being diagnosed and my Doctor not being at all helpful I went on for over 2 years struggling with the symptoms until very recently decided to try something Steve (my Husband) found out about by researching online. He found out about this cream that when applied twice a day apparently reverses the symptoms, I say apparently because I thought surely if it’s as simple as a cream Doctors would prescribe it? Plus my Husband is always full of these crazy idea’s even once telling me that I should try some ”Big bookie cookies” to help my boobs grow after them shrinking 4 sizes after weight loss. I know.. Cookies that give you bigger boobs! (I’m lol’ing right now) So I was saying, the cream. I decided ”to hell with it” and ordered some just to see if it did actually work. You start using the cream 7-10 days after the start of your last cycle and applying it twice a day to varying parts of your body (inner Arms, Legs, Abs and Chest) and I started this process around 10 days. Many people using the cream have reported changes within a couple of weeks, others months and I don’t know iof it’s just pure coincidence but I noticed weird shit going on with my body by about day 4. By weird shit I mean:

– Cramps! Oh yeah, fun times!
– Intense Chocolate cravings (many Women have reported this). Cravings this intense are not at all normal for me.
– Spot breakout. Sure I have the occasional spot with on average one big one a year but this last week I’ve had 10 years worth of giant ones. I no likey!!
– Oh yeah I also went from 2-4 menstrual cycles a year to 2 in 3 weeks.
– Constantly hungry. I joked before about always being hungry (gotta feed those Muscles!) Yet this last week has been non stop eating.

I guess you could say the cream is working? It’s doing something that’s for sure and at present I’m obviously not enjoying it at all but I am hopeful that it will have a positive effect.

So yeah, Hypothyroidism is a somewhat misunderstood disease that affects thousands of people, it’s not pleasant and definitely not something to be self diagnosed. If you think you may have it GET CHECKED OUT! I’m also going to add a way to contact me in my bio if anybody wishes discuss it more. Useful links:



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