Body changes

This past week I took a visit to both my Hair Stylist and my Dentist / Hygienist, 3 people I hadn’t seen in 6-8 months and where most visits are generally uneventful this one really had me thinking. Not because of the parts of me in which I was there for but the rest of me, it’s true that others you don’t see often notice the changes in you way more than people you do.

The Hygienist was first on my appointments schedule and upon arriving she stated I looked ”Thin”. This statement rattled me somewhat, where a lot of Women would be happy to hear such a thing I sure wasn’t. I always pride myself on trying to be ”Fit not Skinny” and actually got a little concerned with my mind racing while in the chair. ”Have I not been eating enough? Have I overdone it? Is that really how people see me?”. She must have sensed that I was now on edge because she then tried to sidestep saying that I looked ”really great” and concerns dissipated somewhat when the Dentist came in and announced that actually I looked ”Buff” (lol) Phew! Nothing like a Guys perspective to balance it out.

That was said was still going through my mind as I headed to my Hair Stylist and once I got there had all concerns vanish from my mind when she looked at me saying it was clear I was lifting weights and was looking so good for it.
Anyhow the whole experience made me realize that while I stopped worrying about trying to gain muscle / loose fat and obsessing over what workouts I needed to do and keeping my food in check I’ve actually made huge changes in my physique. This is something that pleases me so much because it wasn’t long ago I knew I started to turn down a dark path and I don’t ever want to be that person that is forever tracking food and obsessing rather than just enjoying ┬álife and the body I have already spent years working on. As far as I am concerned my days of tracking food and making workout plans a week in advance are over. Of course I still maintain the healthy lifestyle and use the home Gym on a daily basis because it’s what i enjoy but if I want a Cheeseburger then dammit, I will have a Cheeseburger and if I want to sit in front of the TV with a pint of Gelato then that’s what I am going to do! And I’m not going to feel guilty about it either. My approach on food is now ”I eat what I want when I want” and I like it that way, of course most of the foods I crave are what most consider ‘healthy” (Greek Yogurt, Grilled Meats and Vegetables) and of course the occasional Dessert, I am only human after all.

Something else that has been brought up lately is if I am training for a Weight Lifting competition or if I have ever considered doing a Bodybuilding / Bikini competition. The first time someone asked me (my Masseuse) I actually thought they were joking but now that I am cutting back on the Running I’m starting to think that yeah, maybe. Not a Bodybuilding competition, oh no! Like I said, my days of obsessing over training / food are done and there is no way I am walking around on a stage in a teeny tiny bit of fabric no bigger than a piece of dental floss in front of hundreds of people but Power Lifting? Maybe. I’m overdue a new challenge and it actually looks like fun. Since my right Knee is still not 100% I have to see if and when that fully heals and take it from there. Who knows I may be this little bad-ass woman you see dead lifting 3 x her own body weight!

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