LiveSore Ambassador.


I’m pretty excited that I’m now a brand Ambassador forĀ LiveSore!

I know it may seem like I’m collecting these brand Ambassadorships as I also have them for Quest Nutrition and Lenny and Larry’s but really, I’m not. I’ve been offered them for a few company’s recently but declined as they’ve either been for brands I haven’t heard of before or they’re not ones I feel passionately about. I mean, what sort of an Ambassador would I or anyone make if they don’t feel strongly about the brand? I’m certainly not going to represent just anyone. I also believe that you’re not an Ambassador until you’ve represented the company in some shape, way or form. Be it doing Events / demos, wearing the apparel or creating and submitting recipe’s with the product. Too many people accept them just because it’s a cool thing to have. I take this honor seriously.

Anyhow, this is a company I can really get behind. I love the brand, love the clothing and love the philosophy. I already own some LiveSore gear and cannot wait to receive my pack which I am due in about 3 weeks! Check them out for some awesome clothing and accessories!!


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