The best pre Workout foods

Being a Fitness Professional one of the more common questions I am asked is ”What should I eat before a workout?”. Well, depending on your workout this does vary slightly but my rule of thumb is always eat light. Eating heavy foods makes you sluggish so you don’t get the most out of your workout. Also, if you are working out first thing in the morning be sure to eat first, it’s very common for food to be missed at this time of day which does you no benefits in the long run. Not having eaten for a good 10 -12 hours overnight your metabolism has slowed, eating will give it that morning kick start you need. Lastly always give at least 30 minutes for food to digest before starting exercise.

With that in mind here are some foods to nosh on pre workout:


* Banana’s. Not only packed full of¬†potassium but also digestible Carbohydrates and are a great source of slow release energy. They’re filling but also not too heavy and ideal for those who workout in the morning.


*Greek Yogurt. You really can’t go wrong eating this any time of day as it’s practically pure Protein. It’s ideal before a long run as it’s easy on the stomach. Add some fresh Berries, a small amount of Oats or Granola and a tiny drizzle of Honey to give you that extra boost.


* Oats / Oatmeal. Contains Fiber which gradually releases Carbohydrates into your bloodstream as well as Vitamin B which converts carbohydrates into energy. These combined keeps your energy levels consistent. Try hot Oatmeal with some sliced fruit to also give you a portion of your 5 a day.


* Wholegrain Bread or Bagel. Ideally consumed before an afternoon workout. A good source of Carbohydrates, add some Protein (for example a couple of slices of Chicken or Turkey) and you have yourself a well balanced pre workout afternoon meal.

What to avoid:

* Fatty foods. Fat leaves the stomach very slowly which will leave you feeling full and contributes to cramping .

*Sugar. Grabbing a handful of Candy may seem like a good idea to give you a quick energy boost but will probably result in a crash mid workout and you don’t want that.

Happy working out!


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