The Fit Expo as A Quest Ambassador

20150613_083141Morning of day 1 requires a hotel room selfie.

Initially the intent was for me to be at this event as a consumer but then Quest Nutrition offered me the opportunity to represent them, of course I wasn’t going to say no! I was scheduled to attend both days and was provided a Hotel room at the Hilton due to how far away from the event I live. Score! This gave me the chance to get there Friday and chill out a bit with a fellow Questie.

Saturday Morning opening was kind of crazy! Arriving an hour before the event was due to start we went through the final bits of setting up with blenders, bags of goodies and making sure everything was in line and when those doors were opened… whooosh, Floods of people! The Quest booth was right at the entrance and clearly a booth many of the attendees were eager to visit.

boothBooth all prepped and ready to go.

My day started with the Blending of the Protein Powders and creating sample size cups to hand out, we had lot’s of little extra’s to add to the Shakes so naturally I got a little creative with flavor combinations like Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips, Chocolate with Coconut Shavings and Almonds (Almond Joy style), Strawberry with fresh Strawberries. Not going to lie, back behind the booth was crazy!! The samples were so popular at one point I had all 4 flavors in 4 different blenders all doing at once while my fellow blending Questie nipped out quickly but it was fun and soon time came to move to another role.
The other roles were handing out the samples, greeting people at the booth, getting pictures of (and with) visitors and handing out free Bars, Chips and Powder packets. The whole experience was a lot of fun and I got to meet and chat with some awesome people. I shared some of my Protein Recipes, listened to people Fitness stories and got to tell everyone about all of Quest’s products. The most common question of the day ”What’s your favorite flavor bar?”. Something I get asked a lot! The answer: I don’t have just one. It’s a tie first place with Cookies N Cream and White Chocolate Raspberry. Another favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which is weird as I never really liked that flavor before (I like my Cookie Dough baked) but it’s really grown on me recently.
Anyhow, before I knew it the day was over and I got to chill in San Jose for the evening. It was while I was out I was recognized by a number of people who had come to the booth earlier in the day ”Hey, It’s Quest Girl!” was heard by a group of people while heading to Yogurtland. Funny, as I was in my regular clothing.

booth1Team Quest and with 2 of the booth visitors.

Day 2 had us short of 2 Ambassadors so we wasn’t able to blend, instead all 4 Females were rocking the front of the booth to the point we ran out of product early! But that was ok, it meant we got to enjoy a little more of the actual event which a few people did ask about. Not only did I get to enjoy the event in full swing but I also got to check out the booths before door’s opened. I made a few purchases and stopped by the booths of vendors I already knew from the NCP Championhips I attended just weeks before along with a few others. Fitmark bags were there but didn’t have the bag I wanted so I just ordered online when I got home, I chatted with the Ladies at Muscle Egg for a bit and Stephanie with EvoGen Hooked me up with a huge bag of goodies along with Lenny and Larry, NLA for Her and Nu Go.
The entire weekend was one big experience and didn’t feel like work at all. A few years ago just the thought of engaging strangers and talking to them would have freaked me the hell out but it all came very easily to me, I guess when you’re passionate about something it really helps and of course Fitness and Quest Nutrition are two things I am passionate about. I simply love the Quest brand and it embodies something I truly believe in and that is healthy foods should not compromise on taste and I’m always #OnAQuest to be a better version of myself. No poor imitations here.

What’s next?
Within hours of getting home from the weekend I got confirmation that I am scheduled for my next big event! Without going into too much detail (I’m not sure if that is allowed) I will say that it is a 5-6 retreat with an attendance of 10x what The Fit Expo was. I feel really quite honored to have been chosen to represent Quest.


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