Lenny And Larry’s


I’m super excited to say that alongside my awesome job of Quest Nutrition Ambassador I am now also one for Lenny and Larry’s, creators of The Complete Cookie!
Being an Ambassador isn’t something I take lightly and will not accept it for any product just because it’s a cool title to have, in fact I’ve declined a couple of opportunities recently as they are for companies or products I am not so excited about. Why represent something if you can’t be passionate about it, right? So yeah, I’m looking forward to being part of this company and seeing it grow.
Lenny and Larry’s was founded by 2 friends who have a passion for fitness  and now have 8 flavors of Cookie, 3 Brownies and 4 Muffins. You can order direct from the website – Get them here!

Also don’t forget to check out my Instagram for fun and creative serving idea’s.  Go on.. Treat ‘yo self.

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