Another year..

Aaah, the New Year. A time to make Resolutions, Goals and the first few weeks is filled with promise and optimism, right? Nope. Not here. I don’t believe in making Resolutions for the new year or setting goals. Why do it on a specific day when you if it’s something you’re really serious about you can do it any time?
Yeah.. you won’t see me making huge declarations of how ”This is going to be the year”. Yet, with that said there are maybe a couple things I would like to see done in 2015 that just wasn’t possible in 2014 and it does have me reflect back on the past year and achievements.

– The Knee injury from late Summer 2013 heeled. Yay! Yet where I think I was overly cautious at not putting too much strain on said Knee I also ended up weakening my Vastus Medialis Muscles so now I need to work on Strengthening those again. Fun times.
I did get back Running.. Nothing too crazy though which really worked well in my favor as 2014 was also the year I learnt of restraint. I don’t need to PR or place in everything I do. Pacing in the San Francisco Half paid a huge part in me learning this as did Running with and supporting Friends. I ran 3 Half Marathon’s where I went at somebody elses pace.. Me.. Not Running balls to the wall, who would have thought?
2014 also had me FINALLY knock off Tough Mudder from my bucket list and not just one event either. I’m Legionaire, baby!

Aside from Fitness I also met some awesome people and made some great Friends. Living in California over 4 years now those first couple were really tough but now it is my home, our home. Steve and I love California and our life here so much we wouldn’t even think about leaving. Life is good, we have a lovely home, great neighbors and most of all we’re happy. Something I don’t think we ever truly were in England.

2014 also had me go down the dark route of obsessing over gaining the muscle that I lost while Running and hell I don’t want to go back there.  It saw myself obsessively planning each workout and meal in detail and almost let it rule my life around February – March time. It actually started to suck all enjoyment out of my workouts which I hated. I didn’t want to be that person that obsessed over goals, sure I would like the ”perfect body” but at what price? It’s all good and well my setting a goal but what happens when I reach it? I almost certainly will not be happy and I set another and go back to obsessing again. It’s a vicious circle and life is too short for that shit.
Anyhow, I put an end to that shit quite swiftly by mentally giving myself a talking to every day for a couple of months. It probably took about 6 or 7 weeks to get out of that mindset and I feel so much better for it. And whaddayaknow, since I stopped obsessing I appear to have gained a lot anyway. Happy days!

So, 2015 is in full swing and I have made no resolutions but I guess I do have a couple of very small goals with the main one being to make it to the end of the year without injuring myself. Setting the bar low, right? 🙂
The other is to not loose Muscle mass and to just carry on enjoying my workouts as it’s my ”me time”. If I happen to gain then great! But it isn’t my main objective.
And lastly, this is a biggy and because it was something I wasn’t able to do last year. I want to do a Duathlon or Triathlon. I love Running and it’s something I don’t ever plan on giving up, I just need a new challenge.

Happy 2015!

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