Protein Power.

It’s not secret that I love to Bake, it’s how my blog name came about after all and it’s also no secret that I try and consume as much Protein as possible.  So with that in mind I recently took to experimenting Baking with Protein powder, it makes having something that would normally be a treat that little better for me. Also poor Steve’s waistline has suffered from my constant Baking then him having to eat it. It’s a win all round.

I’ve only experimented with a few powders so but I’m happy to say it’s been quite successful. First up, Pancakes!! I would normally only have Pancakes maybe twice a year but only one week into February I’ve already had them 3 times.

Met-RX Pancake Mix

I’m not a fan of using a mix you just add water to however given that it was my first attempt it seemed the easy option and the 12g of Protein and 200cal per serving was very appealing.
The mix is easy to use and they initially fluff up nicely then you put them on your plate and they just seem to go limp. As far as taste goes they’re ok if you don’t mind the strong taste of Whey. I sure don’t and think if I’m going to have Pancakes they should damn well taste like Pancakes so I had to add extra Vanilla Bean and Fruit to make it more palatable. The tub for around $16 from Target and good if you want something quick post morning workout.


Strawberry Banana Pancakes

My first attempt at following a recipe online using Cookies N Cream Protein Powder from Muscle Pharm. These cooked really well on the skillet and fluffed up a lot but then as soon as I put them on the plate they fell flat. The flavor was great though and didn’t taste like ”healthy Pancakes”.


Mango Yogurt Pancakes

Attempt number 2 was with a Vanilla Protein Powder. I didn’t want to go and buy a whole tub just for a few grams so simply bought the bulk stuff from Winco and whaddayaknow? It’s actually pretty good! Ok, so it may actually have more to do with the recipe but this was by far my favorite stack of them all. Filled with fresh chopped Mango, I added some Trader Joe’s Mango Greek Yogurt (love the stuff!) to the mix too then also made the topping with it as well. Fresh, Fruity and oh so good!


Pina Colada Yogurt Pancakes

With these I used the same recipe as the Mango and simply switched out the Mango for Pineapple, added some Coconut essence and used Oikos Coconut Greek Yogurt (also love!). For some reason these did not come out well at all, they were very dry and just couldn’t taste the Coconut. Bummer. I was so excited too but they look good, right?


ookies N Cream Protein Bread

I used Muscle Pharm powder for this mix and wow! I was so pleased at how well this came out, the mixture of the powder with Oat flour works really well together and gives it an almost nutty flavor. The addition of Chocolate Chips also made it like a Cake so it can be eaten any time of day. I love it slightly warmed, topped with raw Almond Butter and Banana for Breakfast. Yum!

re workout Breakfast of Champions!


Strawberry Protein Bread.

For this I used Quest Strawberry powder and Almond Flour. Yikes! Steve loved this one but I found it overly sweet, maybe the addition of the Strawberries?  It did however cook better than the previous Bread (which lost it’s shape) and the top had a nice crisp to it.


Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter Cups.

So simple and so good!
I hit up Trader Joe’s in order to get the Cookies $ Creme Cookie Butter and made it with the Muscle Pharm Powder I have plus an ample serving of Fage Greek Yogurt. These take some time to make but are so worth it.


Protein Truffles!!

I was really excited to receive my order of Sweet Breads Chocolate Brownie Coconutter Spread in the mail and used it in this recipe along with Chocolate Whey and a filling of A Loving Spoon Nut Butter.  I also made some without the Nut Butter, they’re a work in progress and need a little tweaking before I’m completely happy with the recipe.

Inside the Chocolate Truffle



Of course, given that I’m known as ”Cookie Lady” some Cookies had to be in here somewhere. These are actually mainly Banana (it gives them that sweetness a Cookie needs!) They’re a healthier alternative to regular Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and also contain A Loving Spoon Nut Butter. Yum!

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